27 Christmas Crochet Patterns – Best Free Patterns Online

If you are looking for crochet ideas to deck up your living space with some holiday décor specials, then these Christmas crochet patterns are bound to please you. Crochet goodies are timeless and precious, with the sweet memories of the maker forever uncaptured within the loops and stitches. You can whip up some dazzling crochet crafts this season, both for yourself and for the holiday season gifting.

Christmas Crochet Patterns

Christmas Crochet Patterns

I have carefully curated a list of some stunning free Christmas crochet patterns that you can whip up fast. These will make both great gifts and gorgeous Christmas décor alike. No point in sticking to the basics when you have the skill to utilize and show off. This is not just a time of merriment, you know. Why not show the world what you’re capable of!

This list of Christmas crochet patterns includes:

  • Crochet Christmas Toys
  • Crochet Christmas Snowflakes
  • Crochet Christmas Ornaments
  • Crochet Christmas Trees
  • Christmas Decor Crochet

Basic Stitches for Christmas Crochet Patterns

Single CrochetPin

Most of these Christmas patterns use basic crochet stitches such as single crochet, but you may substitute other stitches for some patterns, such as the bobble stitch or puff stitch, to give added texture.

Christmas Crochet Pattern Supplies

  • All – Most of these Christmas crochet patterns just use a crochet hook and a suitable yarn. Many smaller projects can use up all your scrap yarn. Cotton yarn will show the stitches and details more clearly. Stitch markers are useful when crocheting in rounds. Embroidery scissors are useful for snipping yarn ends.
  • Toys will need safety eyes or buttons, or you can substitute an embroidery face which is better for younger kids.
  • The toys and ornaments will also need some polyester stuffing.

It is up to you whether you’d like to use traditional Christmas colors such as red and green or add your own personal touch.

Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

#1 Christmas Lights Crochet Blanket

The Christmas Lights crochet blanket is unique and enchanting. It is fast and easy to make, and it would look great with your home decor. With the pretty crochet lights all over, it is bound to light up your room. Make this as a gift for someone who means a lot to you. It would be a cheesy way of telling them that they light up your world. Patterns from Repeat Crafter Me

#2 Christmas Lights Garland Crochet Pattern

For those who enjoy lots of color and vibrant décor, the Christmas Lights Crochet Garland is the perfect crochet project. With Christmas just around the corner, what better way of channeling your glowing holiday spirit than crocheting a stunning garland to spruce up your place! This crochet garland of Christmas lights would make a lovely decoration for your mantel, staircase, and for pretty much anywhere you want to use it. Patterns from Crafts Tuts Plus

#3 Easy Tree Ornaments

Ooh, such beauty! These Granny Crochet Christmas Baubles would brighten up any place they are hanging in and would be such a vision to look at. You can make these as an early Christmas present for someone you love or just to use for your own Christmas décor. Patterns from Annie Design Crochet

#4 Red Heart Santa Pants Gift Holder

The Red Heart Santa Pants Gift Holder is a cute and quirky crochet goodie to present your Christmas gift in a unique way. Whether you’re taking some drinks or other handmade goodies, they are bound to stand out next to the other presents with such amazing packaging. The best part is that this Santa Pants gift holder is reusable, so the receiver will have double the reason to thank you for. Patterns from Yarnspirations

#5 Crochet Moose and Reindeer Pattern

Here’s an interesting pattern for you. If you enjoy making crochet animals, then this will be a fun pattern for you to try out. These cute animals measure 7 inches from bottom to head, but if you count in the legs, then they are close to 15 inches. Patterns from A Friendly Red Fox

#6 Trixie & Twinkle Crocheted Elves

Make a pair of crocheted elves to really get into the Christmas spirit. Trixie and Twinkle are a pair of naughty elves who wear contrasting clothes and look super adorable. You can gift the two to a pair of children you adore or just perch them close to your Christmas tree. Patterns from Loops and Love Crochet

#7 Christmas Star Ornaments Crochet Pattern

Make some cute crochet ornaments for your Christmas tree with this fun and easy crochet pattern. Simple embroidery stitches are used for this star pattern, yet it looks really cute. You can recreate this pattern in a variety of colors and deck up your tree with these cute stars. It will be an easy and charming route to take up for your holiday décor. Patterns from Crochet For You Blog

#8 Crochet Christmas Wreath

Have you ever come across a Christmas Wreath this adorable? I bet you haven’t. Despite years of being into crochet and all sorts of crafting, I still often find myself stunned by some charming products people come up with. With this crochet Santa wreath on your front door, people will be intrigued to see how else have you taken up on the festivities. Patterns from Repeat Crafter Me

#9 Christmas Crochet Tree Tail Blanket

If you really are in the mood to jump right into the festive mode this holiday season, then you need this Christmas Tree Tail Blanket! It’s cozy, cute, and just so comfy! You can chill with this cozy tail blanket on your favorite couch and give off festive and fun vibes, even if you are snoozing. This blanket is complete with a star on the top and decorated with Christmas light appliqués. It is surprisingly simple to crochet, and you can easily alter the size to suit your needs. Patterns from Repeat Crafter Me

#10 Crochet Christmas Gnomes

Here’s a magical Christmas crochet pattern for you that is bound to invoke the Nordic folklore of the Christmas gnomes. You can crochet these for a fun Christmas party at your place and place them in dim-lit corners or simply crochet them for gifting to someone who enjoys folklore creatures. Patterns from Liesbeth Braam

#11 Crochet Snowflake Pattern

I believe the snowflake crochet is the cutest goodie you can come up with, without too much effort, that is pretty to look at and Christmas-appropriate as well. These are such a great choice for holiday crafting and use up very little yarn. You can keep using them even after Christmas is long over. While there are many snowflake crochet designs available on the web, this free crochet snowflake pattern is such a classic design. Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

#12 Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

  Christmas Crochet Patterns from Randoff Pin
Christmas Crochet Patterns from Randoff

What an adorable Christmas Crochet Tree Pattern! It’s so small and rounded, instead of having the classic pointed edges, that it’s so much cuter. You can make these on their own as table-top décor, string them up and make a garland, or place them around the house as basic décor. Patterns from Randoff

#13 Red Heart Fur Top Holiday Stockings

Let Santa know that you have been nice and thoughtful by whipping up these fun crochet stockings in Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart Boutique Fur. These stockings will look so cute put up on your mantel, and you will feel proud of your skills each time you look at them. Patterns from Yarnspirations

#14 Christmas Tree Crochet Motif

This crochet Christmas tree motif is so adorable to look at and just as fun to make. This project will initially be worked in the round and moved on into a triangle to finish off as little trees. This can be used as an ornament or wall décor, or you can applique these on your Christmas clothing. Patterns from Anabelia Handmade

#15 Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

These little Christmas trees are wonderful for using up smaller scraps of yarn. They are so colorful and fun to adorn your table decorations. Patterns from Little Wallie

#16 Crochet Snowman Christmas Pattern

You can make just one of these cute amigurumi crochet snowmen, but if it seems lonely, then you will have to make another! Ideal for Christmas crochet gifts. Patterns from Repeat Crafter Me

#17 Cane Christmas Decorations

Make some candy canes for your Christmas tree. Another way to use these would be to stitch up a bunch of them and string them up into a garland. Patterns from Yarnspirations

#18 Christmas Stocking Crochet Pattern

Let’s get crocheting then and impress our family and friends with some stunning crochet and cross-stitch holiday stockings. Patterns from Yarnspirations

#19 Santa Christmas Crochet Pattern

  Christmas Crochet Patterns from GatheredPin
Christmas Crochet Patterns from Gathered

Nothing says Christmas more than a little Santa crochet ornament. Give him as a gift, or crochet one to decorate under your tree. Patterns from Gathered

#20 Crochet Tree Skirt

  Christmas Crochet Patterns from GatheredPin
Christmas Crochet Patterns from Gathered

A Christmas tree would not be complete without a tree skirt to cover the base. Patterns from Gathered

#21 Crochet Reindeer Pattern

Make a cute reindeer for the kids and create a lasting memory all year around. I love his little scarf and rosy cheeks. Amigurumi uses single crochet stitches which are perfect for beginners. Patterns from Amigurumi Today

#22 Crochet Angel Pattern

Instead of buying an angel for the top of your tree, why not crochet one. This adorable angel will adorn your tree for many years to come. Patterns from Amigurumi Today

#23 Mini Reindeer Pattern

Make these lovely miniature reindeer. Use them as toys, add a string for an ornament, or you could even string them up to form a garland. Patterns from Amigurumi Today

#24 Ollie Elf Crochet Pattern

Crochet this little elf and use him as an elf on the shelf to get your kids to behave this Christmas. Worth a try anyway! Patterns from Blue Elephants

#25 Crochet Christmas Hat Pattern

This is one of the cleverest patterns I’ve seen! It’s actually a hat that looks like a Christmas pudding. There are 10 sizes in this easy pattern. Patterns from Hooked on Patterns

#26 Crochet Christmas Wreath Pattern

If you crochet a Christmas wreath for your front door, you will be able to admire it several times a day as you come and go from your house. Patterns from Han Jan Crochet

#27 Crochet Stocking Pattern

I love the clever design on the top of this stocking pattern. Best of all, crochet stockings expand to fit all your Christmas goodies. Patterns from Make and Do Crew

Christmas Crochet Patterns – In Conclusion

Blown away by the stunners we call Christmas crochet patterns? Apart from being so pretty to look at, most of these are easy to clean, you can gently wash and dry them, and they will be as good as new. While it’s fun to add to your annual Christmas décor, it’s equally precious and beautiful to dig out some old goodies that are wrapped in the sweet fragrance of the Christmases of the past. Whip up some timeless pieces this time around, and enjoy them in the years to come.

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