27 Christmas Tree Templates (Free Printable Outlines)

If you’ve come here in search of the star of the holiday season and the core of all Christmas crafts, then you’ve reached the right place – our Christmas Tree Templates will ensure your journey reaches a fruitful destination. The iconic bright green Christmas tree is the essence of Christmas crafts, so here are 27 to choose from.

Christmas Tree Templates, Christmas Tree Outlines

Free Christmas Tree Templates & Christmas Tree Outline

Here you will find 27 Christmas tree templates in the form of 9 styles with 3 sizes on each page, so you don’t need to mess around with resizing. Use them for cards, kids’ crafts, ornaments, and so much more.

Going on a Christmas tree template searching spree, choosing the one your family agrees on, and decorating it are all such precious moments that make beautiful memories.

Christmas Tree TemplatesPin
Christmas Tree Templates, Free Printable Christmas Tree Templates

Ideas for Printable Christmas Tree Templates

If you came across these Christmas Tree templates and liked them but can’t seem to come up with ideas of how to use them, you need not worry. Here are a bunch of interesting suggestions for you to try:

  • CARDS – Print these Christmas tree templates on thick cards or green paper, cut them out, decorate them, and use them to make cute little Christmas cards.
  • ORNAMENTS – Repeat the same steps of printing and decorating and hang them up as Christmas ornaments for your big tree.
  • STENCILS – Use the tree outline as patterns or stencils for making tree shapes for your other holiday crafts.
  • BUNTING – Cut these out, decorate them nicely and turn them into streamers, garlands, buntings, or other Christmas décor for your living or working space.
  • GIFT TAGS – Print, cut, and decorate these as cute gift bag tags for your Christmas presents.
  • FLASHCARDS – Cut these out and turn them into Christmas game cards or flashcards.
  • CENTERPIECES – Cut these up, color or paint these, and mount them onto some hard backing material to turn these into your centerpiece or kitchen island décor. These would make really cute 3D miniature Christmas trees.

Get your supplies out then and begin crafting with your Christmas tree printable template!

How to Print Your Christmas Tree Templates

Each of these Christmas tree templates available on my blog can be downloaded for free.

The process is pretty simple; all you need to do is click on the image or the link, and you can download the free printable Christmas tree template PDF. These can be printed on regular paper, then used as a stencil on construction paper or thicker card.

Christmas Tree Printables: One important thing to note, however, is that these printable Christmas tree templates are for non-commercial and personal use only. Please do not republish, upload, or change the PDF files.

Simple Christmas Tree Template PDF (Free Downloads)

Here are the different designs of printable templates to use in your craft project. Each has small, medium, and large sizes of Christmas tree template printables in a pdf file.

#1 Free Simple Christmas Tree Templates

Here’s the perfect simple template featuring the classic Christmas tree shape for you. It is a good choice for most of your holiday crafting needs. It includes three different sizes of Christmas trees. This Free Classic Christmas tree template has slightly curved points, making it interesting yet still easy enough for kids to cut out and enjoy decorating. Christmas Tree Template Style 1

#2 Free Basic Christmas Tree Templates

The Basic Christmas Tree Template features a tree with mostly straight lines. This tree shape is easy to cut and is modern and minimalistic. You can print these out on white paper and glue some cotton balls to the treetops to make them seem as if covered in snow. Mount it on dark navy-blue paper for a wintery look. Christmas Tree Template Style 2

#3 Free Charming Trio Christmas Tree Templates

This charming trio of Christmas tree templates is SUPER easy to cut out. Even little ones can easily do it on their own. Use them to make a simple yet charismatic 2D Christmas tree model, or you can mount the smaller two trees on top of the bigger one and turn it into a stunning 3-D model. Christmas Tree Template Style 3

#4 Free Curvy Christmas Tree Templates

Here’s a cute Christmas tree template with a little twist – it’s not pointed and triangular, but it’s a bit curvy and chunky. A single printout will get you three sizes of this charming Christmas tree template that you can use to make greeting cards or cute gift bag tags. Christmas Tree Template Style 4

#5 Free Extra Canopy Christmas Tree Templates

This canopy Christmas tree template tree is a taller and fuller tree. It is stunning and would look great if cut out and simply colored. However, it’s a bit hard to cut for younger ones, so they will require some help. Once cut, they can color or paint it as they like. Print a bunch of these templates for Christmas tree ornaments too. Christmas Tree Template Style 5

#6 Free Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Templates

Yet another free tree template that will get you three different sizes of a cute and quirky Christmas tree. This would be so cool to use as gift cards. You can even print passport-size photos of your family and mount those on top, then use these as greeting cards or tree ornaments. Christmas Tree Template Style 6

#7 Free Christmas Tree Craft Templates

These Christmas tree craft templates can be colored and decorated with ornaments and pasted on plain brown paper to create a custom gift wrap. Cut them out and glue buttons and small pom poms to create funky gift tags. Christmas Tree Template Style 7

#8 Free Blank Christmas Tree Templates for Coloring

Color and decorate this free Christmas tree template as you wish. When the kids are done with it, you can paste these into their memory scrapbooks with the next year to them. Make these trees a memorable craft that they will enjoy looking back at. Christmas Tree Template Style 8

#9 Free Christmas Tree Design Templates

The heart-like shape of the tree canopy in this free printable template is so adorable and perfectly depicts one’s love for this holiday. I think this simple template would look best cut out, colored, and turned into a Christmas bunting. Christmas Tree Template Style 9

What to Use the Christmas Tree Templates For

Christmas Tree Outlines for Kids Craft Ideas

If you have small children in the family whom you want to teach about the Christmas tree in an interesting way, using printable Christmas Tree Templates is the way to go. The little ones can enjoy cutting and coloring and turning them into cards or gift wraps.

You can help them in turning their little Christmas tree cutouts into garlands, buntings, or ornaments for the big Christmas tree in the house. The little ones will learn so much, and all while enjoying it thoroughly. It will keep them positively occupied and interested and teach them about holiday festivities.

That way, you will also get some dedicated time to focus on the décor, gift shopping, sending out cards, and Christmas dinner preparations. These free Christmas Tree Templates at Treasurie are truly a win-win for everybody.

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

If the Christmas time fervor has been a little too much for you and you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, sitting down quietly, enjoying some me time, and doing something as simple as cutting out a very basic Christmas Tree template or coloring it might help you unwind.

That way, you will get to relax and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas, which is celebrating – you could be celebrating yourself, being healthy, having a family, or having the privilege to relax and enjoy something basic. Using these templates will also help you with pushing your imagination to come up with both interesting and impressive ideas to honor the season.

Christmas Tree Cards, Gift Tags, Ornaments

If the kids have been bored of being cooped up inside due to extreme weather conditions, printing a Christmas tree template could be the answer to end their boredom. I have prepared a list of free and printable Christmas Tree templates for you that are creative, beautiful, and kid-friendly (for cutting purposes).

You can transform these into Christmas greeting cards, 3D Christmas Tree decor, or even use these as your main tree’s ornaments. Some of these patterns are available as just a silhouette of the Christmas Tree, while others have more layers and designs. These templates will keep you hooked working on your winter crafts, and the little ones will enjoy using these templates too, and won’t fuss much about being stuck indoors.

You can download, cut, and color these free Christmas Tree Templates and use them in whatever way you please. Let the kids come up with interesting ideas to make crafts with these, and if you have a good time using these templates, then do share this blog post with your crafty friends.

Christmas Tree Templates – In Conclusion

Christmas is the time for love and laughter, and these templates were designed and shared in hopes of adding to the merriment. You can download and print these free Christmas tree templates as a digital file and have a fun activity ready for your child in no time. It’s an effortless and effective idea to keep your children positively engaged in the holiday season. Kids can cut these out and decorate them as they please. Even adults can use these easy printables for spicing up their décor.

This blog post features a good range of easy shapes and styles of Christmas trees that will work great for a variety of craft projects. Some are basic silhouettes that are easy for the kids to cut, while others are more layered and fuller trees. You can print these Christmas tree templates on regular printer paper or on cardstock and even on different colors of paper. Once printed, you can motivate your kids to use their imaginations to make their Christmas tree uniquely theirs.

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