5 Reasons to Register for APQS Longarm Certification Class

Are you serious about your longarm quilting? Whether you’re looking to level up your longarming skills to simply refine your craft and truly take advantage of your machine, or if you’re interested in starting a quilting business and you desire a certain level of accreditation or credibility, the APQS Longarm Certification Class sponsored by Fons & Porter is just what you need.

The APQS Certification Class for Fons & Porter is a 14-week-long online class filled with videos, images, and instructions with easy-to-follow steps guided by Dawn Cavanaugh, APQS National Education and Customer Service Director.

In the APQS Longarm Certification Class you will learn a variety of techniques for longarm quilting including quilt evaluation, loading and muscle memory techniques to develop control and freehand techniques. Discover how quilting variables such as thread, batting and fabric will influence your success. Learn how to handle challenges like wavy borders, puffy blocks and other obstacles for longarm quilting. Develop pantograph skills, as well as free hand quilting skills and basic feather skills so you can custom-quilt a project. Also find out how to set up a business quilting for others and learn about pricing, business plans, business management software and more.

But why particularly should you register? We’re glad you asked. Here are 5 reasons to register for our APQS Longarm Certification Class. If any of these reasons resonate with you, we encourage you to sign up right away!

1. Level Up your Longarming Skills

In this APQS certification course, Expert Dawn Cavanaugh will be sharing 20 years worth of tips, tricks, and techniques for working with a longarm machine. Whether you want expert tips for quilting or you want to start and grow your own quilting business, this course has everything you need. Longarm machine mastery is the name of the game. As recounted in this blog post, former student Patricia Hale, a retired physician, had no interest in going into business. After all, she was retired. But she had just gotten her HandiQuilter Avanti, and wanted to push her skills.

“I was trying to develop my skills on my own, but it was slow going,” she said. “I’d take a class at a shop, and then maybe I’d try it out when I got home, but I wanted something with more structure, with more of a regimen.”

2. Build Muscle Memory with Practice

In this course there are 12 lessons total with each lesson consisting of homework and assignments. It’s only with this level of effort, practice, and accountability will you be able to see your results soar. The muscle memory techniques to develop control and freehand skills are unparalleled. You will also develop pantograph skills, as well as free hand quilting skills and basic feather skills so you can custom-quilt a project. And nothing builds confidence like practice and muscle memory.

“That practice was incredible,” Hale explains. “For the basic shapes, students have to create them over and over, going at them from different directions. I could measure in miles the fabric I went through honing those shapes,” Patricia jokes. “It jumped my skill level and control level. I developed a motor control of the machine doing this that made feathering, and all the rest of the course do-able.”

Building muscle memory through rudimentary shapes helps you achieve masterful control.

3. Get Feedback On Your Skills

In this program, you share your progress with fellow community members and work with an APQS-certified instructor on a private forum in a collaborative and interactive online environment. Submit homework assignments by mail and e-mail for evaluation and credit. Receive feedback and ask questions. You will receive constructive comments and feedback about current skills, as well as suggestions for how to improve

Feedback and collaboration is valuable when taking a deep dive into a skill, and this course provides both of these in an easy-to-accomplish manor.

4. Get Recognized by APQS, a Trusted Source in the Industry

If you’re a professional quilters looking for a way to set yourself apart from competitors, receiving certification from a trusted source in the quilting industry is priceless.

As mentioned in this blog post, when Karen Kineman decided to go pro, she wanted a way to set herself apart from the competition, as well as starting her business, Graceful Touch Studio, on a positive note. Since few other longarmers in her area are certified, she felt that would give her a leg up. “I chose the Longarm Certification Class based on several things,” she says. “One was the price. I felt that the price was fair, and also the reputation was good.”The feedback she received was excellent. “I feel as if I’ve grown as a quilter,” Karen says. “And I’m doing three times the business since receiving certification.”

The practice you get in this course is incredible, says student Patricia Hale.

5. Go Pro and Start Your Quilting Career

Want to go pro? Then this is EXACTLY what you need. Quilting is a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow every single year, resulting in thousands of quilt tops longing to be quilted. In this APQS Certification Course you will find out how to set up a business quilting for others and learn about pricing, business plans, business management software and more. You will understand what quality standards are expected for successful longarm quilting in the industry, as well as set yourself apart from competitors by receiving certification.

If you’ve ever considered getting your APQS longarm certification, now is the time. Register here. Longarm Quilting Workshop runs 8/15 – 11/20. Registration closes 8/22. We’re also offering Early Bird Savings! Get $75 off with coupon code APQS75. Valid until 7/31.

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