How To Decrease Knitting – The Simplest Ways

As soon as you move on from knitting basic squares and rectangles, and want to start knitting garments, you will need to know how to decrease knitting in order to shape your knitted fabric to make up the garment. PinHow to Decrease Knitting How to Decrease Knitting Tutorial Whenever you wish to make a piece … Read more

Curved Piecing Quilt Tutorial: A Curvy Roundup

In the March/April 2022 issue of McCall’s Quilting, we rounded up some of our favorite designs with curves. Consider that you might create curves with a variety of different techniques—not just the one technique described in the pattern. While curved piecing is an important tool in any quilter’s repertoire, there are several workarounds if you … Read more

{SEWING FELT} How to Sew Felt with Ease

Sewing felt has many unique qualities that make it versatile and decorative. Felt comes in many amazing colors and patterns making it perfect for a wide variety of felt crafts. Learn how to sew felt and enjoy its soft texture and vibrant colors. PinSewing Felt, How to Sew Felt Sewing Felt Tutorial Felt is a … Read more

SEWING SEQUINS | How to Sew Sequins by Hand

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How to Sew a Sleeve – 3 Easy Ways

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How to Stiffen Fabric for Sewing and Craft

Give your fabric the ‘stiff upper lip’ and be ready to have the best product that comes hand in hand with knowing how to stiffen fabric. On the sewing scene, there are interfacings and stiffening agents to help this process. Crafts that use fabric will also gain some assistance with spray or hand applied liquid … Read more

BACKSTITCH – How to Backstitch Step by Step

Are you wanting to know how to backstitch? Backstitch is a popular hand stitch used for seams to give them strength and durability. It is still used by many couture clothing designers to sew their creations and has a wide variety of uses and applications. If you have some mending to do or just need … Read more

Embroidery Rose – 15 EASIEST Ways to Stitch Roses

The rose, a symbol of romance, is a popular choice of design for embroidery. There are many designs for an embroidery rose available. Once your design is chosen, and you have transferred it onto your fabric, the difficulty most people face is how to fill in this design with embroidery stitches. This tutorial will show … Read more