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Sunday, November 27, 2022 Over the past couple of years the run up to Christmas has been a bit of a gloomy affair for many. …Blue Velvet Two years of COVID meant many canceled parties, nights out and family get together, just simply due to circumstances. Normally I attend at least one festive event where … Read more

SEAM ALLOWANCE | How to Add & Sew

The seam allowance of a sewing pattern is simply the extra room around the stitching lines and the raw edge. This lets you know how far in from the cut raw edge you will be sewing your seam. Seam Allowance, How to Add Seam Allowance Seam Allowance Tutorial What is Seam Allowance Definition? Seam allowance … Read more

Sewing Notions – What are Sewing Notions?

Sewing notions are all the extra supplies you need besides your fabric in order to complete a sewing project. They may include elastics, tools, zippers, and even specialized cottons or needles. Sewing notions are indicated on the back envelope of paper patterns or on the first couple of pages on downloadable sewing patterns. What are … Read more

Learning to Sew – Best Advice for Beginners

Here are 21 essential tips for learning to sew for beginners that will help you to start your sewing journey today. Beginning any new project or skill can always seem a bit daunting, but if you think of the process as a journey, it may help you with getting started. This blog currently has over … Read more

Naked Art – Secret Plus Size Goddess

Wednesday, 16th November 2022 Many of you may remember a post I did last December when I went and met the marvelous Boo Brown in London for a pre-Christmas jolly. Say Cheese! We visited The Cheese Bar, Libertys, Fortnum & Mason and took a walk down New Bond Street to see the amazing light display. … Read more

Quilts, Restorative Justice, and How You Can Help

These men are quilters, making birthday gifts for children in foster care. What is so special about them? They are also incarcerated… and their quilts are part of the restorative justice healing process. Read on to learn about the documentary currently being filmed in their Licking, Missouri prison and how YOU can help make a … Read more

In Praise of Never-Ending Handwork: A Quilter’s Guilt-Free UFO

English paper piecing, needle-turn appliqué, hand quilting: these time-consuming handwork projects don’t appeal to everyone. But a project like this can be a genuinely rewarding work-in-progress. One that serves as a comfort, a project-on-the-go, and a mediative joy for a lifetime. (And in my case, I might mean that literally). Quilting UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) Several … Read more