How To Rib Knit – Rib Knit Stitch Made Easy

Learn how to rib knit! When reading a knitting pattern, you will often find that each segment of your garment starts with “knit a 2 inch rib” or something similar. You will also begin your garment with finer needles for that rib. This is because that rib gives your garment more elasticity to keep it … Read more

How to Make a Handkerchief – Easiest Method

Learn how to make a handkerchief. Fabric handkerchiefs are great for the environment and are lovely to make for presents. Handkerchiefs are really easy to make since they are essentially a square of fabric which small hems on the edges. Use up some of your scrap fabric to make handkerchiefs of all sizes and colors … Read more

Multi-Needle Machine Embroidery: Getting Started

In the second installment of our three-part series (read part 1), learn how to get started with your new multi-needle embroidery machine. By Kymona Tracey So you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a multi-needle machine. You’re probably asking yourself “What do I do now?” Read on for tips for setup, design considerations, and … Read more

When Good Dogs Go Bad!

Monday night while clouds gathered – would we get caught in the rain? It had been a long day of appointments, and the dogs had been cooped up at home while I was gone, so even though I had driven miles, and was wet-noodle-limp, I corralled Zoey and Mabel into the van and headed up … Read more

How to Sew Ribbon – By Machine or Hand

Learn how to sew ribbon on fabric! Sewing ribbon is one of the original forms of decorating fabric. Dating back to the earliest times, it decorated and enhanced not only garments but braiding and curling hair. Ribbons were used for adorning lingerie, and decorating soft furnishings and hats. In Victorian times ribbons were used extensively. … Read more