5 Reasons to Register for APQS Longarm Certification Class

Are you serious about your longarm quilting? Whether you’re looking to level up your longarming skills to simply refine your craft and truly take advantage of your machine, or if you’re interested in starting a quilting business and you desire a certain level of accreditation or credibility, the APQS Longarm Certification Class sponsored by Fons … Read more

Skirt Lengths – Style Guide for Hemlines

Skirt lengths vary from the micro-mini to full length and everywhere in between. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, with skirt lengths included. There is certainly a wide choice of types of skirts available today and something to suit every height and body shape. Here I will show you the most common terms used to … Read more

Puff Stitch Crochet – Easy Beginners Tutorial

The puff stitch crochet is a lovely stitch to have in your repertoire, as it is soft and puffy and adds a lot of texture to your crochet work. It is an attractive stitch to use to make blankets, stuffed toys, or cushions, as it is exceptionally soft and cuddly. PinPuff Stitch Crochet Puff Stitch … Read more

How to Darn a Sock – Fastest Way to Fix Sock Holes

Darning and making clothes, especially socks, was something people were taught to do during the war years. ‘Make do and mend,’ was one of the famous sayings used to propagate thrift and the saving of clothing. Today, listing and learning how to darn a sock is great for our environmental impact as fewer items go … Read more

How to Clean an Iron – The Right Way

Learn how to clean an iron the right way to get a sparkling clean plate. The iron, that item of electrical genius, is probably the most important addition to the tools of the trade for every sewer and person who doesn’t want to wear crinkled clothing. It is the workhorse behind the scenes making every … Read more

15 Tips for Serger Maintenance & Tension

Learning basic serger maintenance and tension tips may increase the life of your serger, and keep your projects looking their best. Read today’s post for important tips and tricks for keeping your machine running in tip-top shape. As with any piece of mechanical equipment, the life of a serger and the quality of its performance … Read more

Working with Knit Fabrics – Sew Daily

By Christine Jonson Knit fabrics, especially spandex blends, are both comfortable and ideal for casual athletic garments. Learn techniques that take the guesswork out of sewing knits. Spectacular Spandex Although spandex may bring to mind outdated skintight fashions of the ’80s and early ’90s, modern spandex-blend fabrics bring today’s knit garment patterns to their full … Read more