Best Kept Secrets of Presser Feet

It’s not a secret that BERNINA offers the widest variety (and best quality) of presser feet for our machines. While each foot, by its name, suggests a specific use or purpose, there are usually more than one alternate use for each foot. Here are five presser feet that may not grab the spotlight by their … Read more

Tranpunto Silk Pillow – WeAllSew

Have you ever wanted to add a little extra dimension to your sewing or quilting projects? Consider trapunto! This technique elevates parts of your design resulting in a beautiful three-dimensional effect. I’m going to combine rulerwork quilting with trapunto to make a silk pillow. Come along with me on this adventure! If you want to … Read more

SEAM ALLOWANCE | How to Add & Sew

The seam allowance of a sewing pattern is simply the extra room around the stitching lines and the raw edge. This lets you know how far in from the cut raw edge you will be sewing your seam. Seam Allowance, How to Add Seam Allowance Seam Allowance Tutorial What is Seam Allowance Definition? Seam allowance … Read more

Sewing Notions – What are Sewing Notions?

Sewing notions are all the extra supplies you need besides your fabric in order to complete a sewing project. They may include elastics, tools, zippers, and even specialized cottons or needles. Sewing notions are indicated on the back envelope of paper patterns or on the first couple of pages on downloadable sewing patterns. What are … Read more

Learning to Sew – Best Advice for Beginners

Here are 21 essential tips for learning to sew for beginners that will help you to start your sewing journey today. Beginning any new project or skill can always seem a bit daunting, but if you think of the process as a journey, it may help you with getting started. This blog currently has over … Read more

Herringbone Stitch | Embroidery Tutorial

Herringbone stitch, as the name suggests, looks like a row of interlaced fish bones. This useful stitch is worth knowing for its versatile nature and the easy way it fills space on any piece of embroidery. Herringbone stitch is found in some quilting circles as part of ‘crazy quilting’ because it is an effective way … Read more

Sewing Machine Stitches – Best Stitches to Use

If you are new to sewing, you might be wondering “What are the basic sewing machine stitches I will need to use to get going on my first project?” Well, there are 2 sewing machine stitches you will definitely need and many more that are nice to have. sewing. Sewing Machine Stitches Sewing Machine Stitches … Read more

How To Soften Polymer Clay the Easiest Ways

Learning how to soften polymer clay is essential if you want to get the best results from this medium and if you want your clay to be soft and workable. This tutorial will show you 6 easy ways to transform hard or crumbly clay into soft, conditioned clay ready for use. How to Soften Polymer … Read more