Packing & Sewing for a Crafting Retreat

Planning and packing for any getaway can be stressful and leave you asking yourself, “what do I bring?” But when you make the decision to book a sewing retreat (exciting!), there are some extra things you may want to consider adding to your suitcase. And if you get a surge of inspiration and the urge … Read more

BERNINA Overlocker Binders: An Introduction

Did you know there are many overlocker presser feet and accessories available for the BERNINA L 890 that can streamline your serging and offer creative opportunities? The newest offerings now include two binder attachments. Whether you are sewing binding to a neckline or placemat or adding straps to a top or a zip bag, these … Read more

Machine Embroidered Minky Cuddle® Bunny

Hi! I’m Kate Toney from Tough Kitten Crafts and I empower sewists to move from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery via online education. I have a passion for helping BERNINA owners better understand their BERNINA machines and embroidery modules. Today I wanna show you how to make a machine embroidered Minky Cuddle® bunny. I … Read more

Meet the Maker: Muna and Broad

Muna and Broad partners Leila (@Leila_sews) and Jess (@fat.bobbin.girl) met online through Instagram due to their mutual admiration for each other’s style. Leila is an Aussie living in chilly Canada. She studied fashion production at college and has worked in film, theater, as a seamstress for a couture studio, and as a freelancer. After working … Read more

Sewing Safety – Sew Daily

A couple of months ago, I cut myself with my rotary cutter, and I couldn’t sew for a few days. I’ve healed and am back in my sewing studio, but my accident got me thinking about sewing safety. We all know all the fantastic benefits of sewing: stress relief, fun, and making awesome things, but … Read more

Bullion Knots – Embroidery How to Tutorial

Bullion knots, like bullion itself, are real treasures in the embroidery circles. The bullion knot can be used in so many different aspects of embroidery. It is seen with hand embroidery stitches, cutwork embroidery, and smocking. These knots are widely used to make beautiful flowers, leaves and buds, and delicate petals. PinBullion Knots, How to … Read more

How to Upcycle a Sweatshirt into a Tote Bag

Perhaps you have a favorite sweatshirt hanging out in your closet that you don’t wear anymore but just can’t part with because it reminds you of a special vacation spot or favorite sports team. How about repurposing it into a fun and useful tote bag! The BERNINA L 890 Overlocker makes this ‘sew’ easy. You … Read more