Seed Stitch Embroidery (Rice Stitch) Easy Tutorial

Learn how to do seed stitch embroidery. Embroidery stitches have such wonderful, picturesque names. Seed stitch, also known as rice stitch, is very aptly named. This stitch, when completed in a group, looks just as if a farmer had scattered some seed over your embroidery and you have captured the design in colored threads. PinSeed … Read more

FEATHER STITCH Embroidery – Best Beginner Tutorial

Learn how to embroider the feather stitch with this simple tutorial. Feather stitch (or featherstitch) just curls across the fabric and lightly gives your design a soft feathery texture. ‘As light as a feather’ is a great description to add to this delicate and soft stitch. Feather stitch is a form of chain stitch and … Read more

SEWING ELASTIC – How to Sew Elastic Easily

Learn how to sew elastic. Sewing elastic in an elastic waistband, neck, or wrists is a really quick and easy way to make simple garments. You can use sewing elastic by either attaching the elastic to the edge or creating a casing and threading it through. Gentle gathers are better suited to the attachment method … Read more

How to Sew Elastic in Leotards & Swimwear

If you are a beginner then probably the most daunting part of learning how to make your own leotard is sewing elastic in the legs, arms and neck. Never fear! It is actually quite easy to learn how to sew elastic in leotards And once you have done it a couple of times you will … Read more

DIY Pencil Case Tutorial – 3 Easy Styles

Back to school! Those words are music to your ears if you have school-going children. A pencil case is a very important piece of equipment in every school bag. Added to that, one of the most important skills you can teach your child for success at school is a personal organization. This tutorial will show … Read more

Potato Printing – How To Potato Stamp Like a Pro

Learn all about potato printing! Potatoes rise to the occasion as a wonderful tool to use for enhancing fabrics and paper. Instead of eating this champion food you can cut and create beautiful stamps to decorate all kinds of projects. Simply halve the potato and cut out a design rather like a stencil or stamp. … Read more