Single Crochet 2 Together (sc2tog) Made Easy

Single Crochet is one of the first stitches you learn when learning to crochet. Single crochet 2 together (sc2tog) is one of the first ways you learn to decrease to shape your fabric! PinSingle Crochet 2 Together, sc2tog How to Single Crochet Two Together – Sc2Tog Tutorial No matter whether your pattern tells you to … Read more

Yarn Over Knitting – Easy Increase Stitch (YO)

What does ‘Yarn Over Knitting’ mean in knitting patterns? This instruction is telling you to wrap the yarn over your needle an extra time when knitting your stitch. It is used as an extra stitch when increasing and is also used to make small eyelet holes as part of a textured pattern, as small buttonholes, … Read more

Machine-made Tapestry – WeAllSew

I made a small wall-hanging tapestry using my BERNINA machine. I’m going to share the techniques I used to create this piece in hopes that you will use them as inspiration to make a masterpiece yourself. I will focus on the different tools and methods you can use to create different textures rather than show … Read more

Skirt Lengths – Style Guide for Hemlines

Skirt lengths vary from the micro-mini to full length and everywhere in between. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, with skirt lengths included. There is certainly a wide choice of types of skirts available today and something to suit every height and body shape. Here I will show you the most common terms used to … Read more

Puff Stitch Crochet – Easy Beginners Tutorial

The puff stitch crochet is a lovely stitch to have in your repertoire, as it is soft and puffy and adds a lot of texture to your crochet work. It is an attractive stitch to use to make blankets, stuffed toys, or cushions, as it is exceptionally soft and cuddly. PinPuff Stitch Crochet Puff Stitch … Read more