Take Our Thrift Store Challenge!

Are you in the mood to live dangerously? Put your sewing skills to the test in our Thrift Store Challenge and let the dice tell you what to sew! Here are the categories: Take the Challenge Take a trip to your favorite thrift shop and spend $10 or under on your materials — tablecloths, bedding, … Read more

DIY Fall Leaf Decor – WeAllSew

Use your sewing machine to make a bunch of forever fall leaves to decorate your home this season. Grab a handful of fall colored fabric scraps and a few other craft supplies, and follow along with this tutorial to make a fall leaf garland, trivet, and table runner. Materials to Make Fall Leaf Decor Sewing … Read more

Put a Pocket on It

Let’s transform a plain T-shirt into something “one-of-a-kind” with an in-the-hoop Pocket Peeker. Controlling knit fabrics in the embroidery hoop can be challenging if not stabilized correctly. With a few tips on stabilizers, needles, and design placement, you’ll be successful at taming stretchy knits and embroidering those one-of-a-kind projects. For this project, we will be … Read more

Zippers 101 – Sew Daily

Clothing, pillows, tents, shoes, and purses are just a few places where zippers are used on a daily basis. A relatively modern invention, zippers were first invented in the 1890s as a shoe closure to replace buttons, which were time-consuming to close. Zippers gained widespread popularity during World War I when the military ordered 10,000 … Read more

DIY Utility Apron – WeAllSew

An apron is always a useful accessory, whether it is worn in the kitchen, in the garage, or even an art studio. They are also incredibly easy to customize and create! One of my favorite parts about the apron I’m sharing with you today is that it is fully adaptable to suit any size, add … Read more

Seed Stitch Knitting Made Easy for Beginners

Seed stitch knitting is a wonderful, easy, textured stitch that even beginners can manage with ease. It is a very useful stitch, as it is reversible, so can be used for projects where both sides of the knitting will show. In addition, it doesn’t curl up, it lies nice and flat, so it can be … Read more

How To Sew An Adult CopyCat Bib

In this tutorial, I will show you how to Sew an Adult CopyCat Bib. This is a unique concept that works separately or as a set with a matching ready-to-wear top. I called it a CopyCat Bib since it is made from a duplicate garment AND because I am totally copying a design my Dad … Read more

Crochet Front Loop Only (FLO) – The Easiest Way

Working in the front loop only when crocheting is a handy technique to know. It is an easy technique, probably actually easier than conventional crochet! I say this because when I was a child learning to crochet, I actually didn’t realize that I was supposed to insert the hook through both loops at the top … Read more