She wore….. – Secret Plus Size Goddess

Sunday, November 27, 2022 Over the past couple of years the run up to Christmas has been a bit of a gloomy affair for many. …Blue Velvet Two years of COVID meant many canceled parties, nights out and family get together, just simply due to circumstances. Normally I attend at least one festive event where … Read more

Naked Art – Secret Plus Size Goddess

Wednesday, 16th November 2022 Many of you may remember a post I did last December when I went and met the marvelous Boo Brown in London for a pre-Christmas jolly. Say Cheese! We visited The Cheese Bar, Libertys, Fortnum & Mason and took a walk down New Bond Street to see the amazing light display. … Read more

An Interruption to Normal Service

Sunday, 13th November 2022 If you are s regular visitor to my blog or Instagram, you may well have already noticed that there has been a bit of a lack of content from me over the last couple of weeks. Usually I try and post a blog every three days however the fates and other … Read more

Teenager 80s Fashion – Glamor Daze

A Stunning Look at 80s Teens Fashion When it comes to teenagers 80s fashion style, a few obvious style icons spring to mind. There is no doubt that Madonna, Jennifer Beals’s character in Flashdance. The club trends of the 1980s is an example of the bold fashion of the period. During the 1980s, iconic designers … Read more