Weaving a Life: Why Write?

Instead of getting dressed (yes, I’m still in my jammies) and getting on with my day (finish pressing those damp towels, finish threading the Megado, write for a couple of projects waiting in the queue) I find myself thinking about writing in general, and why *I* write in particular. Well, first of all, I have … Read more

Weaving a Life: Warping Valet

I first found out about this tool on a trip to Sweden and asked what it was used for. Unfortunately, it was not actually in use at the time, but an explanation of how it worked was given, and I duly filed the information away for the time being. A few years later, interest in … Read more

Weaving a Life: Willful Blindness

There are none so blind as those who will not see. Mom said this to me one time when I asked her about something going on in the world and it kind of stuck with me as I became more aware – more ‘woke’ as some might call it – as I grew older, learned … Read more

‘Canada’ Day

  As a child of settlers, it took some time before I began to understand the role of Europeans (in particular the French and British) in the formation of this land. I was privileged in having history teachers who taught the actual always dominant nature of the settlement (theft) of this land from the First … Read more

Weaving a Life: A Good Life

An unexamined life, they say, isn’t worth living. Well, about that… I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t think about life, and stuff. Maybe because I read? I dunno. Maybe I read because I wanted to understand. I wanted to think things through, and it helped me do that when I … Read more

Weaving a Life: Economic Reality (TMI?)

promotional material done for the gift show we used to do Yesterday I posted about the fact that my weaving income would not qualify as a ‘living’ and someone asked if it had ever been our ‘living’. The fact is that technically, for about 9 years, we had no other income than weaving. Would I … Read more

Ice, snow, and northern lights

The nature. On the plane on the way to Iceland (if you fly Iceland Air which I recommend), there are lots of fun videos about this country. Many of them are about how to enjoy and protect THE nature. I love that they use an article to set apart the monumental importance of the landscape … Read more

Spring Table Topper Tutorial – WeAllSew

Inspired by simple Scandinavian folk art designs, bright-colored appliqué shapes create a bouquet of springtime flowers and leaves. The Spring Table Topper makes a perfect setting for Easter eggs, a flower vase, or a centerpiece for your Easter table. It’s a breeze to create these flowers using the free template, just print out the pattern … Read more