Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – FREE {3 Easy Styles}

Get this free Christmas tree skirt pattern in 3 easy styles. Like many of you, Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. It makes me feel like a kid again and I love the color, the decorations, and the bonding time with my family. This year I decided it was time to make a Christmas tree skirt pattern to hide the ugly bottom of the tree.

These 3 patterns are super simple so that you can showcase a fun fabric or use them as a base to embellish and applique in any way that makes you happy.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Download your Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

If you haven’t printed any of my patterns before, read my article on how to print PDF patterns. The most important thing is to make sure your scale is set to 100% and to measure the test square.

Here are the 3 styles you can make:

  • View A – Plain
  • View B – Patchwork with a round edge
  • View C – Patchwork with an octagonal edge.

For the patchwork options, you can make the underneath of the skirt plain or in patchwork as well. It depends on how much fabric scrap you have to use up. If you have been sewing a lot during the year I bet you have a few baskets of scrap that you can use for the patchwork.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern OptionsPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Options

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Supplies

FABRIC – Cotton or cotton blend quilting cotton is the easiest to sew.

  • VIEW A – 2 ½ yards (2.2m) total which is at least 42 inches (112cm) wide. This is for the top and bottom of the skirt.
  • VIEW B, C – 3 yards (2.7m). These use slightly more due to cutting inefficiencies. If you are making the patchwork options it is best to go through all your scrap bins and use some of them up.

RIBBON – Cut 6 pieces of ½ inch (12mm) ribbon, 12 inches (30cm) each.

SEWING SUPPLIES – Sewing machine, pins thread, a measuring tape.

OPTIONAL – Fusible fleece or batting. I haven’t used an interlining on my Christmas tree skirt pattern but you can certainly add one if you would like it to be a little padded.

My preference is fusible fleece as you don’t need to hand stitch to hold it in place. Simply cut it the same size as the under piece of fabric and use your iron to fuse it to the wrong side. Batting will need to be hand-basted to hold it in place. It will also need to be quilted at the end, unlike the fusible fleece.

Christmas Tree Skirt PatternPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Best Fabrics

My favorite fabric to make this Christmas tree skirt pattern is quilting cotton. It is a tightly woven cotton fabric in a light to medium weight. Because it is slightly crisp it is one of the easiest fabrics to sew and the range of Christmas prints are usually enormous.

You can stick to traditional colors such as reds and greens or make a modern tree skirt in your favorite print or color. Do what makes you and your family happy.

If you are making a simple tree skirt, stay away from difficult to sew fabrics such as velvet, silk, or satin. Fluffy fabrics like fleece can be used but keep in mind that they do show dirt and pet fluff more easily. I made a red felt tree skirt one year and the cat claimed it as her own very quickly.

You can use the same fabric top and bottom or use contrasting and make it reversible. Alternate the look of your Christmas tree skirt pattern each year!

Style 1 – Easy Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

How Do You Make a Simple Christmas Tree Skirt?

This is the simplest Christmas tree skirt pattern but it definitely doesn’t need to be boring! Use a beautiful Christmas fabric or appliqué a design on top. Another beautiful idea is to use embroidery letters of your family’s names all around the edge. Make it creative while not taking a lot of your time.

Cutting Instructions

You can use the template pattern or create your own. It is just a circle with a hole in the middle – like a donut!

Cut one for the outside of the Christmas tree skirt pattern and cut another piece of fabric for the underneath.

Here are the cutting instructions to make your own pattern:

  1. Fold your fabric in quarters
  2. Measure 21 inches (53cm) from the inner folded corner in both directions.
  3. Measure 21 inches from the corner in an arc and join it together.
  4. For the center measure from the same corner
    • 2 inches for a small trunk
    • 3 inches for a medium trunk
    • 4 inches for a large trunk
  5. Open up the circle and make a cut on one side in the direction of the horizontal grain.
Cutting Instructions for Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Sewing Instructions

Sewing your Christmas tree skirt pattern is really easy even for beginners and only involves a few steps.

Sewing Instructions – Christmas Tree Skirt

Step 1 – Cut

Cut 2 circles of fabric according to the dimensions above.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern - CuttingPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Cutting

Step 2 – Baste Ribbons

Baste two sets of ribbon on either side of the opening of the right side of the top piece of fabric

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern - Baste RibbonsPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Baste Ribbons

Step 3 – Stitch

Put the top and bottom fabrics with right sides together and stitch all the way around, a 4-inch (10cm) gap leaving on one of the straight sides. The seam allowance is ⅜ inch (1cm)

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern - StitchingPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Stitching

Step 4 – Finish

Clip the curves and corners and turn it the right way out.

Press the skirt well on the edges and make sure the corners are poked out.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern - PressPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Press

Slip stitch the gap closed. If you choose to topstitch, you can skip the hand stitching as the topstitch will hold the gap closed.

Optional – Topstitch all the way around close to the edge. This will close the gap.

Christmas Tree Skirt PatternPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Style 2 & 3 – Patchwork Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

If you wish to make style 2 or 3, put the pieces right sides together and stitch them with a ⅜ inch (1cm) seam allowance.

IMPORTANT – Leave the final panel open.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern - PatchworkPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – Patchwork

You could make the bottom of the Christmas tree skirt pattern plain instead of patchworked by cutting a circle according to the style #1 instructions.

Baste the ribbons to the edge and complete the Christmas tree skirt pattern in the same manner as style #1.

Christmas Tree Skirt PatternPin
Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern – In Conclusion

Now you know how to make a Christmas tree skirt pattern it is time to get sewing for other Christmas items. Decorate your entire home with cushions and home decor in fun Christmas fabrics.

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Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern FAQs

How Much Fabric Do you Need for a Christmas Tree Skirt?

A Christmas tree skirt pattern will need up to 3 yards (2.7m) of fabric if it is lined. Just can cut down the cost of this by a patchwork style where you can use a lot of your scrap fabrics.

Should a Christmas Tree Skirt be Wider than the Tree?

This is entirely up to you but it does look best if it is slightly wider! Christmas trees vary enormously in their width. The purpose of the Christmas tree skirt is to hide the bottom of the tree and to provide a beautiful backdrop to the presents that will be placed underneath the tree.

How Do You Make a No-Sew Tree Skirt?

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can make a Christmas tree skirt using fabric glue for the seams. Alternatively use a non-fraying fabric such as felt or fleece and cut a single layer of fabric in a donut shape. You can use the printable pattern in this tutorial to get the sizing or make your own pattern.

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