Doll Cape Pattern {FREE} Fits 18 inch Dolls & Toys

Are you looking for a free doll cape pattern? For all of you, that love your Caprice Cape free sewing pattern for girls, I have now made it in a matching doll clothes pattern size to fit your little one’s favorite 18-inch doll. Best of all it also fits the Treasurie 18 inch dressable Milly Doll.

Doll Cape Pattern

Doll Cape Pattern {Free Pattern}

See how cute this doll made from the Milly Pattern looks in her new cape! Because it is a loose item tied at the neck, it will also fit lots of teddy bears and other similar-sized dolls. (Shop for Milly 18 inch doll sewing pattern)

Doll Cape Pattern Worn by MillyPin
Doll Cape Pattern Worn by Milly

Doll Cape Pattern – Supplies

What you need

  • FABRIC – ¼ yard (0.25m) of woven fabric. I used quilting cotton for the top and then a linen scrap that I had for the bottom. Tightly woven fabric is best for the top layers where it will be ripped for a shabby chic look.
  • EXTRA SUPPLIES – 24 inches (0.61m) of ¼ inch (6mm) ribbon for the neck.
  • PATTERN – Download the free doll cape pattern. The PDF will open in a new window.

Learn More About Sewing for Dolls

Read my tutorial on making doll clothing for a great overview of the best fabrics, tools, and techniques for sewing for dolls.

Doll Cape Pattern – Printing and Downloading

In case you missed the link above, click download to get the free doll cape pattern. A new window will open where you can download the pattern. PDFs are best downloaded on a laptop or desktop rather than a mobile device.

Here are the tips for printing a PDF pattern:

  • If you are new to printing, have a read of my article how to print PDF patterns.
  • When printing your pattern pieces, make sure that your printer’s “page scaling” is set to “none” and “auto center and rotate” is checked.
  • The pattern pieces print on 8.5” x 11” (letter) or A4 paper. You can check your pattern has been printed in the correct size by measuring the two-inch (5.1cm) test square.
  • Each page is marked with a number 1 to 2. There is 1 row of 2. Tape the edges of the boxes together, trimming where necessary.

Doll Cape Pattern – Instructions

If you are new to sewing for dolls, read my article on how to sew doll clothes for beginners. This will give you some great tips for stitching and choosing the best fabrics.

Some important tips on sewing doll clothing are:

  • Use fabrics with small-scale prints or in block colors.
  • Use smaller-sized trims or cut them down to a size that looks correct in scale.
  • Stitch length should be shorter than usual to look in scale. Try a seam stitch length of 2.0
  • The seams of this doll cape pattern are on the inside so no seam finishing is required.

General Notes on Seam Allowances

Seam allowances of ¼ inch (6mm) are included in the pattern. This means you don’t need to add any extra seams to the pattern unless you want a wider seam.

Ruffle and Sewing Instructions for the Doll Cape Pattern

The sewing instructions are the same as the girl’s Caprice Cape. Click here for the cape instructions. The only difference is the seam allowance is ¼ inch (6mm) for the doll version of the Capelet.

Step 1 – Ripping the Ruffles

Rip strips of fabric for the ruffles then trim the strips to the length of the pattern pieces. Remove any loose threads so the edges are fluffy. An alternative to ripping is to use pinking shears to cut the ruffles.

Ruffles for the Doll Cape PatternPin
Ruffles for the Doll Cape Pattern

Step 2 – Marking Ruffles

On the right side of one of your cape pieces, mark the ruffle positions.

Marking for the Doll Cape PatternPin
Marking for the Doll Cape Pattern

Step 3 – Join Front and Back

With RIGHT sides together, stitch the cape pieces all the way around leaving a ¾ inch (2cm) gap as shown at the end. Use a ¼ inch (6mm) seam allowance.

Seams for the Doll Cape PatternPin
Seams for the Doll Cape Pattern

Clip the corners and curves. It is especially important to clip the inside of the neck to get a smooth line when you turn the cape to the right side.

Clipping for the Doll Cape PatternPin
Clipping for the Doll Cape Pattern

Step 4 – Turn and Topstitch

Turn your cape the RIGHT way out through the gap and press well. Topstitch around the edge. This will close the gap so you don’t have to hand sew it.


Step 5 – Join Ruffles

Gather the ruffles with a long stitch. Gather to length E on the pattern. On the RIGHT side of the cape, pin RUFFLE E to the bottom guide E. Stitch it in place.

Stitch the RufflePin
Stitch the Ruffle

Repeat for RUFFLES B,C,D. Make sure you are matching the correct ruffles to the correct guides.

Stitch the Ruffles on the Doll Cape PatternPin
Stitch the Ruffles on the Doll Cape Pattern

Gather RUFFLE A with a gathering stitch down the center.

Gather Ruffle APin
Gather Ruffle A

Stitch ruffle A in place. You will notice it comes a bit off the edge of the neck.

Final Ruffle Pin
Final Ruffle

Step 6 – Ribbon

Stitch the ribbon over the stitching line on ruffle A making sure it is centered. Learn about how to stop ribbon from fraying.

Stitch RibbonPin
Stitch Ribbon
Doll Cape PatternPin
Doll Cape Pattern

Doll Cape Pattern – In Conclusion

Enjoy dressing your doll in her new cape! See below for more free patterns for your favorite doll or teddy bear.

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Premium Doll Clothes Patterns

I also have a large selection of 18 inch doll clothes patterns for you to make your doll a whole wardrobe! These are premium patterns and most start from $4.99 USD. Use code FRIEND to get 10% off.

making doll clothing for beginners, sewing doll clothesPin

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