Free Crochet Cat Patterns – 27 of the Best

Can you believe you can use your favorite C verb (read crochet) to create your favorite C noun (read cats) with some crazy good and FREE crochet CAT patterns? Yes, you read that right! The creature you adore like crazy can be created as a crochet figurine that you can cuddle up with at any time.

Free Crochet Cat Patterns, Amigurumi Cat Patterns

Free Crochet Cat Patterns – Best Stitches

Most of these free crochet cat patterns use a single crochet stitch which is an easy stitch that creates a dense fabric with very small holes. It is often abbreviated on these patterns as sc. Read the full article on how to single crochet.

Use single crochet to make an Amigurumi cat!

Single Crochet for Crochet Cat PatternsPin
Single Crochet for Crochet Cat Patterns

Free Crochet Cat Patterns

Cats are such darling creatures. Can anyone ever really have enough of these cuddly cuties that make you feel so wanted? When looking at these cat crochet patterns and amigurumi cats, it’s hard to not swoon and swell up with pride?

You will find these free crochet cat patterns so adorable and hard to resist that it is highly unlikely you will stop at just one.

#1 Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty Pattern

Wow! These Itty Bitty Crochet Kitties have ‘want’ written all over them! This pattern will help you create the most adorable-looking kitties that you’ll want a whole bunch of. You can prop these up next to planters, as in the picture, stuff them along with other presents in a basket, make them for bridal shower favor boxes, or just treat yourself and other cat-loving friends. Patterns from Thoresby Cottage

#2 Big Cuddly Stuffed Cat Pattern

Just look at this total cutie! What pretty round eyes and cute heart-shaped paws. You can try this out in a different color scheme, but to be honest, this one is a bit unconventional but so pleasing. Patterns from Cuddly Stitches Craft

#3 The Dumpling Kitty Pattern

Free Crochet Cat Patterns from RavelryPin
Free Crochet Cat Patterns from Ravelry

Oh my God! Aren’t these little dumpling kitties absolutely purr-fect ( I just couldn’t help it)!? These little baby kitties are super squishy and so cute you’ll want to eat them up. The dumpling kitty can be a soft little plushie for your kids. They’ll want multiples of these, so don’t think you’ll be done by just making one. Picture these cuties in a crochet basket on your office desktop, ready to cheerfully welcome you in the mornings. Patterns from Ravelry

#4 The “It girl” Crochet Cat

For kids who prefer cats over dolls, this cat is the right size for a huggable toy. This pattern is fast to whip up, and you only need some basic crochet stitches to make this. Pair it up with some fun accessories, and you have for yourself a classy cat that’s a whole mood. Make a cat lover’s day with this charming toy. Patterns from Amigurumi Today

#5 Egg-Shaped Cat Toy Pattern

This cat is vibrant, charming, and adorable with its stripey body. It has no limbs, so you’ll find it easy to make. You can add this to your Easter décor too, and if you insert a bell in it, it will make a cute little rattle. You’ll love this egg-shaped baby cat; maybe even give this to a real cat to play with. Patterns from Lille Liis

#6 The Long-legged Cat Plush Pattern

Although this cat has a pretty grumpy expression, its long limbs make it perfect for hugging and cuddling with. You can make it in white or bright color if gray doesn’t match your aesthetic. Patterns from Kristi Tullus

#7 The Fat Cat Pattern

A fat cat with somewhat crazy expressions is the right amount of hilarious to have you giggling even in a bad mood. Move the eye pupils a little, and the confused expressions will be a fun present for a crazy friend. Patterns from Crochet Stitch Witch

#8 The Mini Crochet Cat Pattern

Free Crochet Cat Patterns from Tiny CurlPin
Free Crochet Cat Patterns from Tiny Curl

What a tiny cat! Perch this cutie on some plant décor and make it look fun. I love how quirky and funny this cat is. Try making it in a bunch of colors with different expressions on each of them. Maybe even carry them around in your pocket for a friendly vibe of pure joy. Patterns from Tiny Curl

#9 Cecil The Cat Pattern

A cat so grumpy yet so cute, it could make the front cover of a fun kids’ storybook. Its slightly curled tail will keep you unrested and expecting a sudden pounce from nowhere! Try this enjoyable pattern and present it to someone in your life with an unpredictable demeanor. Patterns from Yarn Society

#10 Little Crochet Cat Pattern

This little realistic crochet cat pattern looks like an everyday cat you come across on the streets, hiding behind the bushes at times or busy trying to chase a mouse. It’s a joyful project but not as easy as some of the others, and especially not for those who aren’t very comfortable with changing yarn colors midway through the pattern. This pattern would best suit those who have intermediate crocheting skills. Patterns from Stella’s Yarn Universe

#11 Chester The Curious Christmas Cat Pattern

Who doesn’t love cats and Christmas? Imagine how much you’ll love it if you combine the two together. Chester the Curious cat is such a playful little kitty, made alongside a Christmas stocking. The way it’s propped inside it and peeking at all your Christmas party guests is definitely with eyes full of curiosity. Patterns from All About Ami

#12 The Quiet Crochet Cat Pattern

Free Crochet Cat Patterns from AmigurumPin
Free Crochet Cat Patterns from Amigurum

The quiet cat would suit an introvert who likes giving off peaceful and calm vibes. You can even place this in your yoga room or your quiet corner where you like to meditate. This would make a hilarious present for someone who needs a little signal to quieten sometimes. Try out this cat pattern, and enjoy the gratifying feeling of accomplishment. Patterns from Amigurum

#13 Amigurumi Cat Pattern

Don’t we love little crochet kitties in cute costumes? With this pattern, not only will you learn to make this very pretty kitty, but you will also get to practice your striped crochet skills and learn how to make this tiny little ruffled-up skirt. You will be working this fun pattern in continuous rounds, so using a stitch marker will be important. Patterns from Lille Liis

#14 The White Kitty Cats

If you want to crochet a cat that’s not just cute but has some playful energy, this pattern is the one for you. Any child who loves a fun creature toy would be excited to receive this. The only catch with this really cute pattern is that you can’t stop at just one; you’ll need to make a couple more to play together. Patterns from Logan Berry Handmade

#15 Hanna the Cat Crochet Pattern

  Crochet Cat Patterns from AkamatraPin
Free Crochet Cat Patterns from Akamatra

If you’re looking for a basic crochet design, Hanna the Cat is for you. It’s a whimsical, sweet cat pattern intended to look like a kid’s drawing. You’ll be needing speckled yarn for it to create the look of a colorful, childlike drawing. If you notice carefully, the kitty has a lopsided ear, intentionally so, to make it seem like a kid’s creation. Free Crochet Cat Patterns from Akamatra

#16-27 Crochet Cat Patterns

Free Crochet Cat Patterns – In Conclusion

Cats are adorable, and crochet cats are timeless, so unless you have some unexplainable grudge against cats, you need to have a few of these in your life. Try out these crochet cat patterns for your loved ones, for house decor, for a themed party, or as a present for a friend that is crazy about cats. These patterns will help you polish your crochet skills further, and the product will be so adorable and cuddly.

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