Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns – 15 of the Best

If you’re thinking that crochet is limited to creating clothing and wearable accessories only, then you’re not right my friend, as crocheting lets, you create your own magic like these free crochet unicorn patterns. Sound magical, doesn’t it!? Well speaking of magic, you can crochet some incredibly fluffy, magical, and mystical unicorns too.

Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns

Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns

The unicorn is a legendary and magical creature with a horn on its forehead and a gorgeous mane, and kids these days are beyond obsessed with them. Also, crocheted toys have become quite the rage lately, as they show the love and time you’ve invested into making a personalized present. They make perfect heirlooms too. This list has a range of crochet unicorn patterns, from basic plushies to coffee cozies and crocheted frappes, so you can treat yourself to some unicorn goodness as well if you please.

Unicorn amigurumi is the name given to softies crocheted using a single crochet stitch created mainly in the round or balls.

What is the Best Stitch for Crochet Unicorn Patterns?

Most of the patterns below use amigurumi crochet techniques using a single crochet stitch. This dense stitch is perfect for softies that need stuffing and is easy to shape. Single crochet will be abbreviated as sc in most amigurumi patterns.

How to Single Crochet:

  • Insert the hook into the second chain from the hook.
  • Yarn over and pull through (2 stitches on hook)
  • Yarn over and pull through.
Single Crochet for Crochet Unicorn PatternsPin
Single Crochet for Crochet Unicorn Patterns
Single CrochetPin

What Techniques Do I Need for Crochet Unicorn Patterns?

These are the main techniques you will use to make unicorn toys.

Common Abbreviations in Crochet Unicorn Patterns

  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase
  • dec – decrease
  • ch – chain

Unicorn Crochet Patterns

#1 Lil’ Crochet Baby Unicorn

Oh, what a super huggable and adorable little unicorn baby! Love the beady eyes and the small, cute face. The pattern is easy to understand and follow and very gratifying once you have completed it. You can make this lil’ crochet baby unicorn for any special occasion and be sure to please with this amazing surprise. Patterns from Little Yarn Friends

#2 Crochet Unicorn Pencil Bag

This perfectly adorable unicorn bag is an ideal choice for securely tucking away your crochet hooks, pencils, colors, makeup stash, or hair accessories – whatever you please. This bag is for anyone at any age, who adores a fun-looking pretty thing, and wants to keep their goodies tucked away securely. Patterns from 5 Little Monsters

#3 Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn

If your child doesn’t own a unicorn yet, this pattern should convince you to change that asap! This rainbow cuddles unicorn is such a lovely yarn buddy that you won’t be able to wait to crochet it. You’ll definitely need it now that you’ve seen it. For young children, embroidery eyes are a safer option than safety eyes. Patterns from One Dog Woof

#4 Crochet Ragdoll Unicorn

What a gorgeous crochet unicorn pattern – stunning every soul in its presence, without a worry in the world. Just the kind of childhood you want your little one to have. Teach them to chill and enjoy their childhood days as they come, just like this beauty. You will be amazed at how easy and quick it is to make, and your little one will absolutely love the idea of ​​cuddling with it. Patterns from Spin a Yarn Crochet

#5 Unicorn Crochet Wash Cloth

Why not incorporate a unicorn into one of your baby’s very first necessary accessories – their washcloth. You should definitely make one if you’re considering setting up a nursery in a magical theme with glitters, rainbows, unicorns, and sparkles. Patterns from And She Laughs

#6 Lola the Crochet Plushie Unicorn

Free Crochet Unicorn PatternsPin
Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns from Sewrella

Lola is the most gorgeous snuggle buddy unicorn you’ll come across and you won’t believe just how easy she is to make. Every toddler needs an oversized stuffie to carry around and play with on the go. What’s better than a big unicorn plushie. Also, once the child is catching some zzz’s, you can cuddle in with them and get some unicorn hugs for yourself. Patterns from Sewrella

#7 Twinkle Toes the Crochet Unicorn

Twinkle toes the crochet unicorn pattern is a doll-style plushie that your little one can carry around, play with, and place in her in a sweet little dollhouse. You can make some special accessories for Twinkle Toes so your little girl can dress up her unicorn just the way she does her dolls. Make Twinkle Toes in different colors if white isn’t your favorite. It would look magical in just about any shade. Patterns from Hobby Craft

#8 Crochet Unicorn Gift Card Holder

Oh, what a funny-looking, cutie gift cardholder. If you are planning on giving someone a gift card on their special day but don’t want it to seem impersonal and shrugged off, crocheting up this lovely gift card holder will reflect the time and effort you’ve put in and make them smile extra wide. Patterns from One Dog Woof

#9 Jazzy the Crochet Unicorn

Free Crochet Unicorn PatternsPin
Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns from Jess Huff

Make the perfect snuggle buddy for your little buddy with this fun crochet unicorn pattern. Watch them carry it around the house and everywhere they go. You can make this cutie for a baby’s nursery or as a birthday or baby shower present too, as it’s easy and fun to create. Patterns from Jess Huff

#10 Crochet Unicorn Snuggle Sack

The only problem I have with this incredible pattern is its non-existence when I was a child! I wish it was there then and I could have had a snuggle sack as amazing as this! Snuggle sacks are already a kids’ favorite in the wintertime, so why not make one shaped like a magical unicorn. The only catch would be the trouble you’ll have to go through to drag them out of it. Gift it to your child on their birthday and make it a size bigger for them so they get to enjoy it for a couple years or so, at least. Patterns from Yarnspirations

#11 Molly the Magical Crochet Unicorn

Kids are obsessed with unicorns these days, so you can never go wrong with a unicorn goodie for a little one. Therefore, if you decide to whip up a little handmade present using the pattern for Molly the Magical Unicorn, you will be loved by the present receiver – second only to the love the kiddo will have for Molly. So grab your hook and crochet your way into a kid’s loving heart. Patterns from Furls Crochet

#12 Crochet Unicorn Frappuccino

Look what a beauty you can achieve with just a few hours to spare! You will just need a plain plastic cup, some colorful yarn, and this amazing pattern! You will get to treat yourself to the most amazing Frappuccino souvenir ever! A frappé that never ends, looks divine, smiles back at you with that same loving gaze and you can make it happen super-fast. So make it for yourself or for anyone you know who’d love something so unique and perfect. Patterns from Jen’s a Little Loopy

#13 Unicorn Coffee Cozy

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate a crochet unicorn pattern into your life, something other than a plushie or something that is more appropriate for the older lot, then a unicorn coffee cozy is your best shot. Caffeine and unicorns – what a truly magical combination! The coffee cozy will wrap around your coffee mug like a charm and won’t allow your coffee to lose its warm goodness in a rush. So relax and enjoy slow sips, and your fingers won’t suffer from the heat of the mug either. The pattern is super simple and beginner-friendly, so if you’re into coffee, crochet, and unicorns, this pattern is calling your name and you know you can hear it too! Patterns from Green Fox Farms Design

#14 Emmie the Crochet Unicorn

Free Crochet Unicorn PatternsPin
Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns from Ravelry

You are never too old for a kind-faced, gorgeous unicorn with a stunning and vibrant mane. Make this for any unicorn lover, and they will go crazy over it. No matter what other presents they receive, yours will be the certain winner! So stock up on the supplies, get your crochet hook ready and make this beauty for your favorite unicorn-obsessed soul, assuming that isn’t you, because if it is, we encourage treating yourself all the time. Patterns from Ravelry

#15 Unicorn Crochet Wrist Rest Cushion

A number of us spend hours and hours daily on our computers – working jobs, getting kids’ schoolwork done, paying bills, organizing upcoming tasks. All of this can cause serious wrist pain. You need to find a way to ease this endless pressure on your wrists, and a wrist cushion is a perfect answer. This stunning crochet unicorn pattern will help you create a super funky unicorn-style wrist rest cushion. Your friends might bug you loads until you clone this cutie for them or at least share the pattern. Patterns from One Zero Crochet

Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns – In Conclusion

Unicorns are special and so are the loved ones in your life, so you should definitely make use of your crochet skills to loop away something magical for your precious ones. If scrolling down, some crochet unicorn patterns caught your eye, then follow the links below each of those patterns to find complete instructions and bedazzle someone with a magical present.

More Crochet Patterns

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