Hearts of Hope Sew-Along, Part Four!

Happy Friday, Quiltvillians!

Today is the last installment of our Hearts of Hope Sew-Along – Part Four contains the last round of borders, this time string rectangles!

I love how changing the angles of border units adds so much interest to the whole quilt.

And while I know you are ready to be done with this quilt and the pull to just “slap something on there and call it done” is strong, I also hope that you will take the time to make this really fun border.

You just might find that you like it so much you want to use it on other projects too!

Click HERE for PDF in English.

French and German links will be added over the weekend, Thank you Elisabeth!

This step is going to be a bit different than the other string blocks we’ve done, we will be part “paper foundation piecing” (Meaning we sew on a line on the reverse side of the foundation) for the first seam, and then work from the top of the paper to fill in the opposite sides of the unit with either blue or yellow strings to fill.

From foundation paper cut 32 rectangles 4 1/2” X 6 1/2”.

With a pencil and ruler, mark 16 rectangles corner to corner with an upper left to lower right slant, and the remaining 16 rectangles with a lower left to upper right slant.

Because these are rectangles, you can’t simply rotate the unit to have it become the other angle. We have to construct them in mirror image.

Got a good selection of blue and yellow strips & strings on hand? You are ready to piece!

If you need to cut more, cut a wide variety in widths between 3/4” up to 2” and everywhere in between.

Place a blue strip and a yellow strip with right sides together and upper edges even.

Position the drawn line on the paper foundation an approximate 1/4” down from the upper edges of the strips as shown.

Remember to put your stitch length down to 1.5 on a digital machine (14-16 stitches per inch on a vintage machine like a featherweight)

Stitch, starting and stopping about 1/4”beyond the paper at either end. (Because shift happens!)

Press top strip to the side, and continue to cover the foundation rectangle with strips until completely covered, leaving an approximate 1/4” of margin around the paper. (Press after each strip addition.)

Make 18 that lean left and 18 that lean right for a total of 32 string rectangles.

Ready for trimming!

Trim the first two sides, up one side and across the top following the paper on the back side of the unit.

Turn the unit fabric-side-up and trim to 4 1/2” X 6 1/2”.

Paper can shrink a bit during piecing, and that is why the last two sides are trim-to-size.

After trimming, carefully remove the paper.

What’s not to love about ladies in fruit-bottomed bathing suits? LOL!

Join units into “V Pairs” with blues in the center as shown. Press seas one direction. Make 16. Units will measure 4 1/2” X 12 1/2”.

Looking good!

Join 4 pairs together to make one border length. Press. Make 4.

Cut 4 cornerstone foundations 4 1/2” square from paper. Cover with yellow strings by placing the first strip on the diagonal and filling the foundation to cover.

Trim the foundations to 4 1/2” square and remove papers.

Some well-loved scraps are in here!

Join string borders to quilt top sides as shown, pressing seams toward inner borders.

Add cornerstones to either end of the top and bottom string borders, pressing seams toward the cornerstone blocks.

Add top and bottom borders to quilt center. Press seas toward the inner borders.

Set machine to a longer stitch length, and with back-side-up, stay stitch around the outside edge of the quilt top just shy of 1/4” from the edge to minimize stretch and keep seams from popping open during the quilting process .

Sewing with the backside up helps to keep seams from flipping.

Top Done!

Hearts of Hope was quilted with a butter yellow thread in an edge-to-edge design called Heart to Heart by Patricia E. Ritter and Natalie Gorman of UrbanElementz.com

I finished the edge with a 2” cut yellow stripe double-fold binding for 1/4” finish.

Binding is my favorite part!

Lola’s favorite part –

Thank you so much everyone for joining in with me on this Sew-Along.

I know that all of our hopes and fears, wishes, dreams and prayers for peace have been placed in every stitch.

Whether you make this for yourself to display and show your solidarity, make it with a group with the intent of raising funds to donate to the rescue efforts in Ukraine, send your quilt off to an organization distributing quilts to refugees, giving your quilt to someone with ties to Ukraine – you have made a difference by the desire for peace you bring to this space.

Thank you also for your continued efforts in donating to our Quilters For Ukraine GoFundMe.

In lieu of purchasing a pattern for Hearts of Hope from me – my own hope is that you will donate as little as $10.00 to Quilters For Ukraine simply because you are participating in this Sew-Along.

If your guild or group makes our Hearts of Hope quilt – perhaps they can do it as a “donation” quilt (otherwise known as raffle but renamed for those whose laws state they can’t say raffle.) with all funds going to our GoFundMe , Quilters For Ukraine.
Every little bit is helping. ALL of this will be going directly to Together Rising in their continued efforts to provide real support – boots on the ground support – for the people of Ukraine.

I look forward to seeing your finishes through social media. Please remember to tag me on Instagram @quiltville_bonnie and use tags #heartsofhopequilt #heartsofhopesewalong and #quiltersforukraine in your posts so we can share in your progress.

The sew-along parts will remain under the Hearts of Hope Sew-Along tab at the top of the blog until 5/15/22. Please save all of your PDFs where you know you can find them by that date. After that they will be retired and no longer available for free. (This has been stated all along so should not surprise anyone.)

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Vintage grandmother’s flower garden quilt found in Kentucky.

Our smiles can change everything! Turn yours on today!

Have a lovely Easter weekend, everyone!

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Thank you!

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