How To Crochet Seed Stitch (Lemon Peel)

What is a crochet seed stitch? You may have heard of seed stitch in knitting, but never in crochet! It is called seed stitch because in both crafts, it creates a fabric that has little bumps across it, which look like seeds. This tutorial will explain just how to make this lovely seed stitch in crochet.

Crochet Seed Stitch

Crochet Seed Stitch Tutorial

Crochet seed stitch is a super stitch for beginners because as long as you know how to work a single crochet and double crochet stitch, you will be able to add seed stitch to your repertoire. It is a fun stitch to work, and doesn’t require too much concentration!

Seed stitch creates a lovely texture to your fabric and looks a lot more interesting than just single crochet or double crochet by themselves!

You can make absolutely anything using crochet seed stitch. It is great for washcloths and makes a solid, warm stitch for blankets, scarves, beanies, bags, or even sweaters and cardigans.

Lemon Peel Stitch vs Crochet Seed Stitch

Lemon peel stitch is actually just another name for the seed stitch, and is worked in exactly the same way. It has been given this name because of its rough texture, which looks like a rough-skinned lemon.

Advantages Of Crochet Seed Stitch

You may be asking, ‘Why crochet seed stitch, instead of just sc or dc? ‘ The answer is that it creates a reversible fabric that is dense and warm compared to lacier crochet stitches.

It will also drape better than sc alone. In addition, has a wonderful texture which makes it suitable for scrubbing- either as a dishcloth or an exfoliating face cloth. Plus, who doesn’t like a little adventure into something new every now and again? Especially when it is not too much of a challenge!


  • Yarn of your choice.
  • Crochet hook suitable for that yarn.
  • Scissors.
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends.


All instructions in this tutorial are written in American crochet terms.

How To Crochet Seed Stitch Step By Step Instructions

Foundation Row

  • Start with a slip knot.
  • Make a starting chain with an even number of stitches.

Row 1

  • Turn and work single crochet into 2nd chain from hook.
Crochet Seed StitchPin
Crochet Seed Stitch – First Stitch
  • Work double crochet into the next chain stitch. This combination creates 1 seed stitch.

FORMULA: 1 seed stitch = 1 sc+1 dc

Crochet Seed StitchPin
Crochet Seed Stitch – Second Stitch
  • * Continue with the next crochet seed stitch by working 1 sc into the next chain. Work 1 dc into the next chain after that.
  • Repeat from * all the way to the end of the row of starting chain.

If you started with an even number of stitches, you should end on single crochet. (Because you used 1 chain as a turning chain.)

Row 1 of Crochet Seed StitchPin
Row 1 of Crochet Seed Stitch

Row 2

  • Turn, chain 2.
  • Work 1 dc into 1st sc, then a sc into 1st dc.
  • Continue in this way across the row.

Be sure that you always crochet double crochet into single crochet of the previous row and single crochet into the double crochet of the previous row.

Row 2 Crochet Seed StitchPin
Row 2 Crochet Seed Stitch

Rows 3

  • Turn, ch1.
  • Again, alternate between sc and dc across the row.
Crochet Seed StitchPin
Crochet Seed Stitch

Rows 4+

If your first stitch is double crochet, use chain 2 as your turning chain. If your first stitch of the row is single crochet, use chain 1 as the turning chain.

Crochet Seed StitchPin
Crochet Seed Stitch Swatch

Seed Stitch In The Round

You may want to make something like a beanie, a coaster, or a round placemat using seed stitch, in which case you will be crocheting in the round.

This is a little more complicated because you have to combine the seed stitch with the increases necessary to work in the round. Once you get the hang of the repetitions, though, it will become easier!

  • FOUNDATION: Start with a magic ring or ch3 and join with a sl st to form the central loop.
  • ROUND 1: 6 sc into the central loop. Work sl st into first sc to complete the round. You may want to add a stitch marker here so you can keep track of each round. It is not essential, however.
  • ROUND 2: Now you need to start alternating your sc and dc. Ch1, 1sc, 1 dc into same stitch. Work 1 sc, 1 dc into each sc from first round. (12 sts.) When you reach your marker, sl st into first ch.
Crochet Seed Stitch in the RoundPin
Crochet Seed Stitch in the Round
  • ROUND 3: Ch3 (makes dc.), sc into next st. Work dc + sc into next st, then dc by itself into the following st. Sc + dc into next st, and then sc by itself. Keep alternating stitches, and work *increase, (2 sts into 1) then single st, repeating all the way around. (18 sts). You will have to concentrate and keep counting! Sl st into top of ch3 to close round.
Crochet Seed StitchPin
Crochet Seed Stitch in the Round
  • ROUND 4: Ch1, 1 dc in first st. Then 1 sc by itself, 1 dc by itself. *1 sc, 1 dc into next st, 1 sc by itself, 1 dc by itself. Repeat from * all the way around. (24 sts.)

If you have worked crocheting circles in the round before, you will know that on each round, you need to work 1 more stitch between each increased crochet stitch.

Now you need to alternate between sc and dc, and at the same time, follow the sequence explained above. It does sound horribly complicated, but if you just work it and keep counting, it will all fall into place!

Keep this sequence until your circle is the required size.

Seed Stitch Variations

1. Seed Stitch Rib

To make this stitch, you will still work the seed stitch in the same way, alternating 1sc and 1 dc, but now you will work each stitch into the back loop only of the previous row. (BLO)

How to work BLO:

If you work a row of crochet stitches and look at the top of that row, you will see a row of V-shaped stitches at the top.

  • Usually, you insert your hook through the entire V to work your next row of stitches and have 2 loops over your hook.
  • If you look carefully at the top of the stitches, the part of the V is closest to you is the front loop, and the part farthest away, at the back of the V, is the back loop.
  • Now, to work BLO, you will skip over the front loop and insert your hook into the center of the V, so that it only goes through the back loop to start your stitch.

You can work any crochet stitch as a BLO, so you can do this for both your sc and your dc. Your ridges will go horizontally in this case.

2. Moss Stitch vs Crochet Seed Stitch

Although crochet moss stitch is not exactly the same as seed stitch, I have included it here because its appearance is similar to knitted seed stitch. The two stitches are often confused because they are similar.

Seed Stitch vs Moss Stitch in CrochetPin
Seed Stitch vs Moss Stitch in Crochet

The difference is that where you alternate sc and dc across the row for seed stitch, for crochet moss stitch, you will be alternating 1 single crochet, and 1 chain across the row. It is just as easy to work! They are completely interchangeable.

  • Start with the usual slip knot and an even number of chains.
  • Row 1: sc into 4th ch from hook.
  • * Ch1, sk 1, sc into next ch.
  • Repeat from* all the way across the row.
  • End with a sc in the last ch of the row.
Moss Stitch CrochetPin
Moss Stitch Crochet
  • Row 2: Ch2, skip the sc from the last row, sc into first ch sp.
  • Now *ch1, skip sc, work sc into next ch sp.
  • Repeat from * all the way to the end of the row. End with a sc into last ch space.
  • Repeat row 2 until your crochet fabric is the length you require.
Moss Stitch Crochet

I find this stitch very satisfying, both in the working of it and in the appearance!

This stitch is also known as granite stitch, linen stitch or woven stitch, and they are all equally confused with seed stitch!

Seed Stitch Crochet – In Conclusion

If you want to work on an interesting stitch that is really easy, give crochet seed stitch a try. It has a completely different finish and doesn’t look like the basic crochet stitches. It is a perfect stitch for beginners to spread their wings on. Make up a sample square in cotton yarn to use as a washcloth. You will have taught yourself a new pattern and will have something useful to show for it! Happy crocheting!

Crochet Seed StitchPin

Crochet Seed Stitch

Learn how to crochet seed stitch with this easy step by step tutorial for beginners


Difficulty: Easy Beginner

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