Machine Embroider a Rope Bowl

Hi! I’m Kate of Tough Kitten Crafts and I empower sewists to become fearless with machine embroidery through online education, a supportive community, and super cute machine embroidery projects just like this fun tutorial all about how to embroider a rope bowl. This project is so dangerous. Do not go into this project thinking it … Read more

CUTTING FABRIC – How to Cut Fabric Correctly

cutting fabric accurately is just as important to getting a professionally finished project as the actual sewing is. With a little extra care taken to learn how to cut fabricyou will be on your way to the next step – sewing. PinCutting Fabric, How to Cut Fabric Tutorial Why Cutting Fabric Matters If your cutting … Read more

Types of Ruffles – Gathering Fabric in 10 Ways

Learn about the different types of ruffles. Ruffles, or the ruff, has a remarkable fashion history. The famous ruff or ruffle was exceptionally well known in Elizabethan times. Worn by men and women, the ruffles were predominantly worn around the neck. The concept of a ruffle has been popularized by fashion icons like Lady Diana … Read more

Summer Mystery Quilt 2022 – Week 4

It’s been an awesome 3 weeks learning to make strip panels and getting our 1/4″ seam allowances to perfection! I knew you could do it! This week, I have a wonderful challenge for you that will open your eyes to many new possibilities when creating amazing designs. I know this will be a little more … Read more

DIY Remote Caddy – WeAllSew

If you’re tired of fishing for lost phones and remotes in your couch cushions, try this DIY Remote Caddy to keep them all organized. The inside pockets comfortably hold two smart phones, and the outside pockets hold 3 remote controls. It’s also a handy place to store eyeglasses and keep those out of the couch … Read more

How to Do Laundry – The Right Way for Beginners

Learn how to do laundry using a washing machine as we guide you through the complete process step by step. I’m sure you’re already following certain steps you’ve learned from your parent/s, roommates, etc. However, learning the right washing process will ensure you keep your garments, curtains, towels, and any other items, especially delicates, in … Read more

How to Crochet a Granny Rectangle {Easy for Beginners}

Granny rectangles are an interesting variation of the standard granny square pattern. They are just as simple to make, and can be used to make anything that you wish to be rectangular in shape! PinGranny Rectangles, How to Make a Granny Rectangle Granny Rectangles Tutorial for Beginners The most difficult part of granny rectangles is … Read more