Pillow Patterns – Top 10 Best Patterns to Sew

Having various pillow patterns will ensure you can sew the perfect pillow that you need and want. With so many options available, choosing which ones to include in your home can be exciting and creative. Below are 10 of the top pillow patterns to use to decorate your lounge and bedroom.

Pillow Patterns

Free Pillow Patterns – Factors to Consider

As a sewer or DIYer, you must always have a clear plan of what you want to make. Aside from that, you must also consider some factors when choosing a pillow pattern:

Your skill level

Some pillow patterns are more challenging to create, follow, cut, and sew, so you must always keep in mind your skill level. Of course, if you’re a beginner or just starting to learn how to sew a pillow or even a pillowcase, it’s best to opt for a pattern with not too many bells and whistles. As you develop your skills, start using patterns with odd but easy shapes before going for more complex ones.

Materials for Pillow Cover Patterns

The main materials needed for pillow cover patterns are fabric, thread, and in some cases filling. For those patterns without an insert, the filling required would depend on the kind of pillow you plan to make. For pillows meant for sleeping, cotton, down, polyester, or memory foam are perfect for ensuring support, comfort, and breathability.

The best fabrics for pillow patterns are natural and breathable such as cotton and linen. The weight required will depend on your pillow use. Bed pillows are best made in lightweight cotton fabrics while couch or sofa pillow covers can be made in heavier decorator fabrics.

Always prewash your fabrics before starting, to remove any chemicals and to prevent shrinkage later. You don’t want to spend time sewing a cushion that will no longer fit after the first wash.

The Best Pillow Patterns

Sewing pillows of different kinds will allow you to change the look of your home at a moment’s notice or during special occasions. It will also ensure you have clean pillows all the time without leaving your space looking incomplete or empty.

The pillow patterns included on this list are what you can consider must-haves, so it’s a great idea to include them all in your sewing or project to-do list.

1. Easy Pillow Patterns

This envelope back pillow is one of the fastest covers you can make. As the back overlaps in order for you to insert the cushion, there are no tricky buttons or zippers needed for the closure. An envelope pillow DIY is the best sewing project for beginners and when you want new couch cushion covers with no fuss. Choose a fabric with simple designs or something wild and crazy to suit. The options are endless!

Easy Envelope Pillow from Treasurie

Envelope Pillow PatternsPin
Envelope Pillow Patterns

2. Travel Pillow Patterns

Travel pillows help correct your body’s position while using them, usually while sleeping. Aptly named, they’re most useful while traveling via air, land, or water, but you can also use them when sleeping in a seated position to stay comfortable. These pillows are available in multiple types, but the most popular one is the horseshoe-shaped style. These pillows keep your neck straight or prevent it from jolting or dropping on one side.

DIY Travel Pillow by Treasurie

Travel Pillow PatternsPin
Travel Pillow Patterns

3. Odd Shape Pillow Patterns

Star-shaped pillow patterns are great for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Other than that, they’re also great for lounge or as occasional chair cushions to add some style to a room. Make your star pillow unique by adding a vinyl monogram for your favorite star! This easy tutorial includes a printable template.

Star Pillow Pattern by Treasurie

Star Pillow PatternsPin
Star Pillow Patterns

4. Holiday Pillow Patterns

Holiday pillows are must-haves for Christmas! It is one of the multiple occasions wherein most houses around the neighborhood have beautiful decorations, lights, and more. Fill the inside of your house full of decor that is pleasant to the eyes and fills the heart with joy and hope.

Complement your usual Christmas decorations with cushions or small pillows with shapes like reindeers, Santa Claus, snowmen, or other popular symbols for the occasion. Try this tree applique pillow pattern. It’s all about choosing fabric with Christmas colors or designs and appliqueing them together to form a stylized tree.

Tree Applique Cover by Treasurie

Christmas Pillow PatternsPin
Christmas Pillow Patterns

5. Pom-Pom Pillow Patterns

Pom-pom pillows are another type of great decorative pillow. Even if you use plain fabric, tiny pom-poms, hanging around the edge of the pillow are enough to catch anyone’s eyes. For safety reasons, pom-pom pillows are best used as throw pillows and not sleeping pillows if you have young kids. This pillow pattern will show you how to make different-sized covers to fit all your inserts.

Pom-Pom Pillow by Treasurie

Pom Pom Pillow PatternsPin
Pom Pom Pillow Patterns

6. Piping Pillow Patterns

Much like the pom-pom pillows, you can use any insert when making cushion covers with piping. The piping is sewn around the edge of the pillow making a great contrasting statement. These pillows are not just great accents for your living room or patio chairs, but you can also use them as sleeping pillows if you don’t mind the piping.

Cushion Cover with Piping from Treasurie

DIY Cushion Cover with PipingPin
DIY Cushion Cover with Piping

7. Pillow Patterns with Zippers

Adding a zipper to a pillow pattern makes a professional cover that completely encases the insert. This cushion cover pattern with a zipper will show you the correct and easy way to insert a zipper. You can leave the cover plain or embellish it with applique or embroidery.

Zipper Cushion Cover by Treasurie

How to Make a Zippered Cushion CoverPin
How to Make a Zippered Cushion Cover

8. Doll Pillow Patterns

Who says it’s only you who deserves to have a comfortable pillow to sleep on or decorate your home? Your kid’s dollhouses and even your collection also need some sprucing up! With a doll pillow or pillowcase pattern, your little one’s teddy bear and stuffed animals can also rest their tired heads on a comfortable pillow.

Doll Pillow and Doll Pillowcase by Treasurie

Doll Pillow PatternsPin
Doll Pillow Patterns

9. Pillow Patterns with French Seams

This easy pillowcase pattern uses French seams to create a durable case that will last through many washes. If you are a beginner sewer, then this is a great pattern to build your skills as well as create something beautiful for your home. Decorate the pillowcase with lace or leave it plain.

French Seam Pillow by Treasurie

Pillowcase Patterns with French SeamsPin
Pillowcase Patterns with French Seams

10. Pillow Patterns with Borders

Add a stylish border to your pillowcase using the burrito roll method. Learning how to make a pillowcase is great for using up scraps of contrasting fabric and creating something unique. This easy tutorial includes a video so you will have a new pillowcase in no time! This is a great project for confident beginners.

Border Style Pillowcases by Treasurie

Burrito Style Pillowcases PatternsPin
Burrito Style Pillowcases Patterns

Extra Tips for Sewing Pillow Covers

All the tutorials above have specific instructions but here are some extra tips and things to keep in mind when sewing pillow patterns.

Make Different Sizes

When making cushion covers, make a couple in different sizes to add interest to your lounge or occasional chair. Swap cushion covers over to match different home trends.

Re-Use the Fabric Remnants

When you cut the fabric, you’ll probably be left with small pieces of cloth since some pillow patterns have odd shapes. Don’t throw them out; Instead, collect and store them. Then, when you’ve enough, you can use them as filling for your pillows or cut them up to form patchwork pillows. Use quilting blocks such as those featured below to make interesting pillows from your remnants.

Clip the Corners

Before turning your pillows the right way out, always make sure you clip the corners and poke them out with something like a knitting needle or chopstick. This will give you nice square and crisp corners.

Finish the Seams

If you don’t have a serger, finish the seams of the pillow with a wide zig-zag to prevent fraying. This will make your pillow last through multiple washes as well as reinforce the seams.

Match Seams

For a really professional look, match any designs at the seas. Using a fabric with smaller prints can make this easier.

Making Pillows by Hand

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still sew pillows using a hand stitch. For the seas, the best and strongest stitch is a backstitch. If you are a beginner, a simple up and down running stitch can also do the trick. Just make sure your stitches are really small and close together.

Decorate Your Pillows

Once you have made your pillow or cushion cover you can decorate it by adding ruffles, lace, applique, or embroidery. Tassels can be store-bought or you can make your own. Add a pocket for a pop of color as well.

Pillow Patterns – In Conclusion

Use these pillow patterns to sew gifts for your friends, boss, co-workers, and relatives. Making pillows can also be a good business if you want to have a side income! Decorate your home and office with wonderful home decor that you have made yourself. Happy cutting and sewing!

More Free Patterns for the Home

Now you have the best free pillow patterns, why not sew for the rest of your home:

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