So Much Quilty Going On!

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes!

There always is, I know – but I am so excited about this thing it’s all I can think about!

You know how it is – you work on something in fits and starts. So many pieces. Tons of units.

All sewn from the cabin when I could find some moments to sew in between the other daily must-dos.

There are things that have deadlines.

And there are things that don’t. This didn’t.

A whole arm load – ready to set together!

This is my proof that sewing in small amounts does add up over time.

This is my proof that it is worth it to keep going – even on projects you feel you’ve lost your steam on.

I hear from quilters all of the time who say things like “I’ve got sets of blocks but I can’t find the desire to put them together and make them into a finished quilt.”

Your will power needs to be stronger than your desire to start something new.

There. I said it. I said it to MYSELF first.

In our quilting lives we are bombarded daily with eye candy always turning our heads to try this new line of fabric with that new pattern with another new tool in another new project and it can be really hard to stick with one thing.

Go ahead and make the new thing. But perhaps use the old thing as the Leader & Ender while digging in to the new thing.

Or visa-versa. Use the new thing as the Leader & Ender to help push those other languishing projects through!

Lola, the block compactor!

I know folks who have 97 projects on a spread sheet from partially cut out all the way through to blocks done and ready to assemble – and everywhere in between.

I would be completely paralyzed if I found myself in that situation.

And this is where I think we can help each other.

Do you feel paralyzed? Unmotivated? Not knowing where to start to make sense of it all?

Leave a comment in the comments section below and let’s talk about it.

Have you worked your way out of this kind of situation with ceiling to floor project boxes full of UFOs?

Leave a comment in how you turned it all around – what worked for you.

Please read the comments section and reply to folks if something they say resonates with your own situation. Offer encouragement. This is something we ALL face, and I think we can have an honest discussion about project overload and how to work through it.

I currently have FOUR projects including this one in progress. Any more than that and I’m a basket case.

Sometimes I have to push everything aside and dig into something with an immediate deadline – like our Hearts 0f Hope Sew-Along. (Part One drops FIRDAY! YAY!)

But I will say that my Leader & Ender project keeps growing just a bit in between the seas of that emergency project. It gives me the “feel good feel good” of watching two things grow at once.

Slow Stitching in the Evening.

I LOVE my evening handwork thing. It’s going to take months and months, but it doesn’t matter as long as some stitches are going in while I enjoy TV time with feet up in the evening.

Sometimes my evening hand quilting routine is set aside as I stitch down a binding, but it’s still needle, thimble and thread in the evening.

If one project is my “main focus” and I am watching my Leader & Ender project grow in between those seas, and I am hand quilting in the evening – my hands have made progress on THREE projects during that day.

Progress in three areas on three quilts is about all my brain can handle. LOL!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below – let’s see if we can encourage each other to get to those UFO boxes and finish some projects.

It might mean that the bed quilt you were aiming for becomes a table runner or baby quilt instead – but empty out that project box.

It might mean that two projects can be combined into one to empty out two more project boxes.

It might mean that you decide that project just isn’t for you and you donate it at your guild free table where it can do some good.

It might mean that the fabric in that box reenters the stash to be used elsewhere instead of continuing and those languishing UFO blocks become a set of gifty mug-rugs.

As to my blocks at the top of this post? I hope to get them set together today while waiting for the Sisters of the Stash to arrive on retreat.

And it’s raining. Cats & Dogs. Or just Dogs – because they came in soaking wet and so proud of themselves. LOL.

Here it is – Our Hearts of Hope quilt!

Quilt Size: 56” X 56”

How many of you are ready for FRIDAY!??

I’ve had messages asking where to buy the pattern, etc.

There is NO PATTERN to buy. It’s a complimentary Sew-Along and I’ll provide the instructions for each of the 4 parts here on the blog on Fridays starting 3/25 until we finish up on April 15th.

Print and save the PDF copy that is provided with each part by May 15th when this Sew-Along retires.

The introductory post from last Friday is already linked there and contains yardage requirements and more information.

French and German translations will be linked a day or two AFTER the Friday releases as it takes some time for Elisabeth to work those out and get them back to me.

Thank you for your continued efforts in donating to our Quilters For Ukraine GoFundMe.

In lieu of purchasing a pattern for Hearts of Hope from me – my own hope is that you will donate as little as $10.00 to Quilters For Ukraine simply because you are participating in this Sew-Along.

If your guild or group makes our Hearts of Hope quilt – perhaps they can do it as a “donation” quilt (otherwise known as raffle but renamed for those whose laws state they can’t say raffle.) with all funds going to our GoFundMe , Quilters For Ukraine.
Every little bit is helping. ALL of this will be going directly to Together Rising in their continued efforts to provide real support – boots on the ground support – for the people of Ukraine.

The response on our March ’22 PDF pattern releases has been fantastic! Thank you so much!

The Quiltville Etsy Store has been busy for those who prefer to order from Etsy and like the way that PDF patterns are delivered.

Just remember that you need to download your files through your computer browser after logging in to your account. It doesn’t work from the app.

I will slowly as time allows put up other PDF patterns there as well. Right now there are just the most recent dozen or so. I have added an Etsy tab to the top of the blog for easy access.

Of course, digital patterns, books, rulers, notions and other goodies as well as PDF patterns are available as always in the Quiltville Store on my website.

Did you enter the gift away yet?

Our Drawing happens THIS COMING SATURDAY!

I will be drawing for TWO winners who will each receive the Monkey Business & Bear Branch Pattern Bundle with one winner receiving a Facets of Brown Color Roll, and the second receiving a Facets of Aqua color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Winner must have fabric prize shipped to a USA address. If you are outside of the USA, we can send it to a friend within the USA who can forward it on to you.

I’ll draw for our two winners this coming Saturday, 3/26/22.

What do you have going on for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Imagine all the things you could do with all the things you could learn!

Vintage orphan block quilt found in Winston Salem, NC.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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